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A Culture Of Efficiency & Discipline


Mary Lawrence Dokpesi & Associates


MLD & Associates has been in effective legal practice for more than a decade. Its professionals and consultants have provided a range of legal services throughout Nigeria, the West African sub-region and very recently, in Europe and the United States of America through partnership and joint venture programmes with leading Attorneys.

Our seven cardinal practice areas are business law, intellectual property, maritime and admiralty, criminal law, family and children welfare, training/publication and lastly, advocacy.

Our professionals and consultants appear regularly before all courts of record in Nigeria and are well known for their strict adherence to the rule of law, business ethics and professionalism. We have expertise in civil, commercial and criminal disputes, insurance, employment and labour relations, administrative and regulatory matters.

Our Mission and Ideals

Our mission is to give the Highest satisfaction to our clients and sponsors at a minimum cost.

MLD & Associates work within the bounds of a set of clearly defined virtues referred to as “our ideals”. These virtues, seven in number, are arranged in a pyramidal form starting with “Transparency” at the base and ending with “Duty” at the top. We understand that the pyramid has a strong base - signifying a strong foundation and stability; this is the root of MLD & Associates. Our ideals give us the firm foundation and stability to move ahead others. By these ideals and working around our core areas of services, we seek to take legal practice to a higher dimension different from the traditional outlook. We have the best; therefore, we give the best.

The foundation of MLD & Associates is firmly rooted in our pyramid of ideals. These virtues are clearly written in our hearts and therefore form the basis of our work as a firm. It is a passion that we all share at MLD & Associates. The ideals keep us together as a family. These ideals will continue to reflect in our professionalism and services...

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